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A Complete Line of Vinyl Replacement Windows

At Top Tier Home Improvement, we offer double-hung windows, picture windows, bay windows, sliding windows and casement windows. We also provide hurricane impact windows. All of which can be customized with different colors, wood grain patterns, and grid patterns to ensure we create the opening that you’re looking for. We design each window with you in mind; our design team will come to your home and help pick out the right options and styles to meet every budget and style. We look forward to designing the perfect window for you and updating those old windows with more efficient and maintenance-free windows. Contact us today for your free in-home consultation.

Custom Made

All of our windows are full-frame replacement windows that are custom made for your home. We pride ourselves on the fact that we stay away from “stock” windows from home improvement centers like most companies. Our process is to take the measurement for the window and make the window to size as opposed to taking a stock window and forcing it into your home. You will appreciate the Top Tier way of installing your windows.

Energy Efficient

Thoroughly tested for air and water resistance, as well as structural integrity, our windows will deliver unmatched strength and protection against many of the most adverse weather conditions. A series of test impacts against the window from a “large missile” - a 9 pound wooden 2 x 4, calibrated at 50 feet per second upon release, directed against the glass. After the window passes this test, it is then subjected to positive and negative pressure for 9,000 rapid cycles up to 100% of the design pressure. Our impact windows also offer another very pleasing element - the laminated glass helps to absorb sound, instead of transmitting it. This feature allows for not only peace of mind but also peace from the daily disruption of the outside world.

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Our proprietary gutter protection system is durable, affordable and guaranteed not to clog.

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